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Online Resources

Saskatchewan Polytech Online Pain Course 

Undergraduate level course on pain management for RNs and LPNs. CE-4031 Pain Management.

Graduate Diploma in Pain Care

Interested in providing comprehensive pain care in your current work place? Interested in becoming an expert in pain? Longing for Canadian content? 
Queen's University is is hosting a graduate diploma in pain care. Graduate Diploma in Pain Care

Methadone 4 Pain

Welcome to education for health care professionals prescribing, monitoring and assessing methadone for palliative pain management.
The content is available free of charge, and everyone is welcome. course was developed by Canadian Virtual Hospice in collaboration with leading pain management and palliative care experts


Educational Resources:

Opioid Management 

Prescribing Practices Forum - Steps Towards a National Best Practice in Prescribing Opioids 

Current and Future Medical, Dental, & Nursing Professional Regulatory Strategies to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse in Canada

Anti-Drug Strategy Initiative

First Do No harm: Responding to Canada’s Prescription Drug Crisis (pdf) 

Opioid Alternatives Urged Postoperatively (pdf)

CADTH Opioid Bundle

Morphine Manifesto

A Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis - November 2016

Prevention of Opioid Misuse: A Summary with Suggestions from a Pain Working Group 

"One Size Fits All" Doesn't Fit When It Comes to Long-Term Opioid Use


CMAJ Vaccine Pain Guidelines

Reducing immunization pain video - Sick Kids

Reduce the pain of vaccination in babies - Full video

Parent information on children's pain from Sick Kids Hospital

Children's pain information for health care professionals

Comfort positioning for children's medical procedures

Maxilene Topical Anesthetic

RQHR Sucrose for Pain Relief in Infants Guideline

Short powerpoint on pediatric pain management

ChildKind International


Interesting Articles

What nurses' work-arounds tell us about pain assessment 

Dr Joovey Patient Pain Resources

Health Canada Advisory Canadian Pain Society Submission on Health Care Innovation

CPC Fall 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Pain assessment in the patient unable to self report: Position Statement and Clinical Guidelines (pdf)

Acute Abdominal Pain - Manage Without Delay (pdf)


CADTH Pain Evidence Bundle 2018

Canadian Fibromyalgia Guidelines 2012

RNAO Best Practice Pain Guidelines

ILC Foundation Website

Canadian Guideline for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain 

2017 Canadian Guideline for Opioids for Chronic Pain



Update on Pain ELearning Sessions – Developed in partnership the Pain PPG and the CEDN.

 Radio Interview on CBC: Understanding Chronic Pain 

Dr. Fernando Cervero, Director of the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain at McGill and President of the International Association for the Study of Pain, on his mission to change the way we think about and treat chronic pain.

Helpful Links:

Canadian Pain Society

National Pain Centre - McMaster

Pain BC

Yoga for Pain

Rx Files

Pain Management - Saskatoon Health Region