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Pain Excellence Award

Do you know a nurse who is a champion for pain?

This award is presented biennially to a nurse [RN, RN(NP), RPN, LPN] who actively promotes best practices in pain management in their daily work and/or in their workplace. 
Anyone can nominate a deserving nurse! Members of the PPG Executive are not eligilble. Application Form

Previous Recipients

             2014 - Barb Hale                                  2016 - Norma Tyndall
Palliative Care Consultant RQHR             Educator for Pallium LEAP project

      Image 2017 04 11 at 9.14 PM                           Norma 

Further Comments about Norma:

Norma works at Pineview Lodge in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. 
“Norma has a passion for promoting effective pain management. She advocates for clients experiencing pain and is seen as a valuable resource for prescribers in acute, chronic, and palliative pain situations. Norma has taken further education to pursue best practice in the area of pain management. Norma utilizes best practice in the management of clients experiencing pain. Norma’s passion shines through daily in her role as Registered Nurse working in long term care. Norma has a passion for the need for effective pain management and advocates for clients experiencing pain as well as takes the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion by educating colleagues and students.”

2016 - Joanne Ulvild (no picture available)

Joanne works at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon. 
“Joanne actively seeks education and information on pain management and provides appropriate care for her patients. Recognition of her efforts would allow her to attend the Pain Management Conference and assist in providing her with the ongoing education needed by nurses to promote best practice in pain management. Joanne is an active participant of an interprofessional team working to full scope in the assessment and management of patients on her unit. She is knowledgeable, and practices safely and compassionately. I have seen Joanne advocating for her patients for optimal pain control so they are comfortable and able to participate with their daily activities. She assists other staff in recognizing pain, and with the assessment and outcomes of good pain control.”
In describing her unit, Joanne says, “With our palliative patients it is important that the client have adequate pain management to the point of having no pain. That is one of the most important treatments, because with the pain medications we have today no one should have to suffer!”