Saskatchewan Pain Professional Practice Group              

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Pain Professional Practice Group

The Saskatchewan Pain Professional Practice Group (PPG) is a group of highly engaged professionals who have a passion for improving pain management in Saskatchewan.

The PPG was seeded out of one nurse’s passion that was ignited after a personal health care experience that left her with a deep desire to grow and build pain management resources for the entire province. She was able to garner support from the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA), and a Pain Special Interest Group was developed. The Special Interest Group clearly identified that in order to move pain management forward provincially the driver group needed to be an inter-disciplinary team with the ability to reach all aspects of health care for all clients/patients/residents and families.
Over the years the PPG has invested much time and energy moving the work of best practices in pain management forward at local, regional and provincial levels. Networks have been created and resources have been developed to aid in this work.

The PPG is the launching platform for the Provincial Strategy which is an initiative of inter-professional health care providers and people living with pain in Saskatchewan. The primary goals of this strategy are to engage stakeholders at a provincial level and build momentum to develop the key foundational structures to make pain management accessible, equitable, and available to all clients/patients/residents and families receiving care in Saskatchewan.

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